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Chat dirty with girl

For a guy, watching porn or even visualizing something sexy like a costume could give an instant hard on, especially if your girlfriend dresses up as a fantasy character you’ve always lusted for.

But for a girl, sex is more imaginative and creative, it’s aroused by their senses beyond mere sight.

Your girlfriend could be game for a bit of dirty talk, but not everyone’s ready to let their fantasies and dirty talk run wild in bed.

So before you open your mouth and gasp something naughty, learn the right way to talk dirty to a girl so you can take your sexual orgasms to a whole new high!

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Some dirty conversations are best not spoken about Your mind could run wild, especially when you’re having passionate sex and not trying to rein in your thoughts.

And if you do say something extremely freaky or perverse, it may scare your girlfriend, especially if it’s only been a while since both of you have been dating.

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