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It is similar to previous Clip models, with a larger screen and longer battery life, but with no voice recorder. A micro SDHC card slot is provided to increase the storage capacity, but it does not support slot Radio.

This is the first San Disk mp3 player to not carry the Sansa name.

San Disk Clip Sport Plus was released in 2016 this mp3 player is the first Sandisk Mp3 player with Bluetooth and water resistant.

Unlike the Clip Sport, the Clip Sport Plus does not have a micro SDHC card slot.

It has been confirmed by San Disk that the disabling of the FM tuner in the euro version of the player is done in firmware/software.

This is contradicted by the people that claim that the euro version has no radio chip insde...

so there's no partitions but I had to mount /dev/sda instead of /dev/sda1.

"As of now we can not give out manufacturing mode to anyone outside sandisk or sandisk vendors" / San Disk person Mr H has written a tool for addressing and poking on the device while in manufacturing mode.

Different HW revisions doing it differently perhaps?

Vendor: San Disk Model: Sansa e250 Rev: Type: Direct-Access ANSI SCSI revision: 02 SCSI device sda: 32769 512-byte hdwr sectors (17 MB) sda: assuming Write Enabled sda: assuming drive cache: write through sda: unknown partition table ...

This is a case where the decision has gone in favor of proprietary software even though the free software alternative actually works better! A bit overpriced for 2 GB, but good when running or skiing, nice integration with i Tunes, and Apple has replaced them without comment when they break down. Or I can spend hundreds to get enough capacity on a fragile device that is probably no better for what I want to do.” The Sansa Clip Zip is a dedicated device, all right.

Yet with the original firmware it also chokes on the micro SD card full of music. both full of music and both causing the same symptoms on the Android phone and also on the Sansa Clip Zip with original firmware.

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With a more recent Sansa firmware San Disk changed the TEA encryption key (and named their firmware file " The Rhapsody version of the Sansa e200 series uses yet another key that was successfully extracted on February 23, 2007. They name the firmware file pp5022.mi4 (note the lower case).